Concrete Slab Finishes

Broom Finish

This is one of the simplest finishes, whereby a broom is pulled across the concrete to provide texture (Typically no outdoor concrete should be installed with a completely smooth texture as it will be a slipping hazard when wet). The broom finishing results in fine lines in the finish of the concrete.

Exposed (Washed) Finish

An exposed finish is simply washing the top layer of concrete away, exposing the natural aggregate stones used in the concrete. It is a common finish texture of most older city sidewalks

Colored Concrete

Concrete can be colored in two ways, through an integral mix that is added when the concrete is mixed at the plant, or by dusting on a top coat of colored powder that gives a colored finish to the top layer of concrete only. One of the most important aspects to remember is that colored concrete is a variable product, which can have color variations, blotchiness and fading. From our experience, dust-on colors provide more reliable finish color.

Seeded Aggregate Finish

Small decorative stones are imbedded into the top layer of concrete, and during the finishing process, exposed to give a pebble texture to the concrete finish. This is a similar technique to exposed concrete, but instead of exposing the natural concrete aggregate, decorative aggregate is added when installed.

Stamped Concrete

Concrete is typically installed and then is imprinted using polyurethane mats to resemble brick, slate, flagstone, stone, tile, wood and various other patterns and texture.