Concrete Resurfacing and Repair

Floor Preparation Werk Master®

Thanks to our Werk Master  floor grinders, we can remove old floor coverings (epoxy, paint, carpet, vinyl, hardwood adhesives and leveling compounds) while getting a smooth surface. We can also achieve a concrete profile surface to improve the adhesiveness of floor coating systems. Werk Master grinders and tools surpass the old-fashioned scarifying/shot blasting methods and equipment in floor covering adhesion for concrete floors.

Overlays, Inlays and Micro Toppings

Polymer-modified overlays are used to repair damaged or worn out concrete floors. By covering and straighten the existing surface, the floor can be started off as a fresh new canvas to create any pattern or color wanted.

Overlays are usually 1/4″ to 2″ single application thick and can be self-levelled or troweled on. They can be either integrally colored or stained after placement to suit the color scheme wanted by the customer. They can be also polished, stamped, engraved, stenciled or saw-cut to create patterns and designs.

Inlays and inserts can be added to the concrete as a fantastic way to personalize customer’s space. An inlay is an object, such as a large fossil, or other decorative item that is embedded in the surface of the concrete to add a “Wow Factor!”. Common items to inlay or insert are pieces of glass, flat machinery parts, metals, coins and even family heirlooms. Imagination is the limit.

Micro toppings are installed less than 1/8″ thick and they are usually colored. Use of several layers of color is possible, creating sweeping patterns of color and/or mottle the surface with colors that are installed one on top of another to give depth to the color scheme use.